ImageI hope you have found me through the link on my previous blog.  If not, allow me a brief introduction.

My name is Jim and I’m a school librarian, hence the blog title.  I tweet at @library_jim and am on Goodreads as library_jim as well (to distinguish myself from other Jims on the forums I visit).

So yeah, I thought it was time for a blog update with a similar name.

I also had a lot of things going on over there and wanted to narrow my focus.  I like to read a lot and belong to some book clubs.  One is a bunch of guys I get together with in real life.  Those books could be anything.  Short stories, poetry, non-fiction, contemporary fiction, etc.  The only rules we have are the book has to be in paperback and it can’t be anything Oprah has picked.

Another club I follow is online.  The Sword and Laser science fiction and fantasy book club. They have a podcast and a video show and have a lively discussion forum in their Goodreads group.

On those forums there have been a number of questions from SF/Fantasy fans asking about books for kids.  Being an elementary librarian I felt like this was the one area I actually have professional expertise in! So I came up with the idea of having a separate Goodreads group and website called called Sword & Laser Kids.  I asked Tom & Veronica (the hosts) at Dragon Con if this was okay.  They said that as long as I was sure to mention that I was using the name with permission and that we have no other official affiliation (so we can’t be blamed for each other’s actions in any way!) that they thought it was a great idea.

So if you have kids and are interested in reading science fiction and fantasy with them then I encourage you to check it out.  For other stuff, this will be the place to find it.

Things I tend to write about:

Books I read with my book clubs and on my own.  Books I read with my daughter (but since those are often SF/Fantasy those post might end up on the other blog).

The crazy things my family is into.  I have a spouse who I’ll refer to as A. (a fourth grade teacher) and a ten-year-old daughter named Harper.  She recently talked us into a puppy.  A little poodle named Willow.  I don’t know what I was thinking there. I also have parents and my brother’s family in Florida.  Whenever any of these poor people crack me up they’ll probably make it into the blog.

I also work as an elementary school librarian.  I will post about that sometimes.  In my view, if you get on Twitter and find that what you have to say takes more than two tweets?  Then you should write a blog post.  Since I follow and am followed by a few librarians, I will sometimes air my librarian opinions here and link to them on Twitter.

I’m also just a basic geek.  I like reading and keeping up with popular science and anything that interests me. I go to Dragon Con every year for not only the SF/Fantasy stuff but for the Space, Science and Skepticism tracks.  Of course Harper is old enough to accompany me this year, so that will be an adventure to blog about!

The old blog was called Teacherninja because it started life as a productivity blog for teachers.  I still teach every day in the library, but since I was branching out with a new blog for for the S&L project, now seems like a good time to start fresh with my blogging and give myself a place to let loose.

I welcome all comments and feedback and have had entire series of posts because of one question.  So keep them coming and thanks for reading!