My “desk”

cartYou ever seen these?  I think they’re officially called “AV carts.”  We have a few of them around the building and in the school library. (Since this is my personal blog I’ll refrain from calling it the “media center”).  They’re for using with projectors and generally moving stuff around.  They used to hold TVs but now we have ceiling-mounted projectors for that.

Well I was reading a lot of stuff about those treadmill desks and how amazing they’re supposed to be for you.  But of course that would be silly for me in an elementary school library.  I do work at my computer a bunch but I also have to dash off at a moment’s notice to help students, teachers, parents, anyone.  I couldn’t very well have a treadmill out on the main floor.  And the way I work? I rarely use my office.  It’s mostly a place where I file stuff, take the occasional phone call, hang my coat and stash boxes of books until I’m ready to put them out.

But THEN I read that just standing up at your desk is just as good as one of those treadmill things.  I have a nice desk out on the floor of the library behind the circulation desk, but I was having trouble finding something cheap and stylin’ to set my laptop on. Then I was moving some stuff around with an AV cart and BAM! I had it!  So I have one of these carts near the desk.  There’s a long enough cord for my laptop plug that I can pull it out from the wall and be facing the library while working on my laptop.  There’s enough deskspace for the laptop and some papers to the side.  All else goes on the desk next to me.  And it rolls around!  I can unplug and scoot my cart anywhere if I need to help scan books or just be in a different area for some reason!

It’s been much better on my back than sitting and standing over and over again and apparently it’s healthier to be up on my feet anyway.  I’ve seen some increase in energy levels since I’ve started doing this (a few months now).

So hey, if you have back issues or just want to stay on you feet to be healthier, snag yourself one of these babies. Just make sure to keep the other shelves filled with a bunch of random crap like I do so no one tries to snake it from you!


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  1. Years ago I built myself a workbench for my studio (garage). Because I have very limited carpentry skills I decided to just make the bench four feet high as that was the length of the boards I could fit in my car and it would avoid a great deal of measuring and sawing.

    The result is my favorite desk. I can stand and work or I can lean back on the stool I have and by the time my feet are tired from standing so long my creative juices have run out for the day anyway.

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