Snow Daze

Well, we’re off school today for snow but there’s no snow.  A couple of weeks back the metro region got caught with their collective pants down when an ice storm blew in and everyone left work and school early and there was a pretty terrible situation.

Now we’re in a similar situation and just to be safe, most schools are closed today even though it’s only a light rain now that will most probably turn into a terrible ice situation tonight when the temps drop.  We’ll certainly be out tomorrow because the temps won’t be rising until Thursday. Yeah, what about Thursday?  We might miss that too.

When we all do get back to school the conversation will be all about how we’ll deal with the make-up days.  I tend to come in so much over the summer that it probably won’t phase me.

But anyway, I decided to use the time to try recording a couple episodes of a podcast! I mentioned that I started this new blog when I also started one for a Goodreads group I’m attempting to get going with the subject of SF/fantasy books for kids.  Like the grown up inspiration, Sword & Laser, I want there to be a podcast.  The only problem with that is 1) I hate the way my voice sounds and 2) I don’t have an amazing co-host and 3) I know nothing about the technical aspects of recording, archiving and uploading podcasts.

I’ll have to live with problem one because I really want to do this.  Problem two was stickier.  I’d asked my daughter some time ago about this and she wasn’t into it.  Since her book club was reading a SF/fantasy type book I tried recording them but it wasn’t ideal.  Next I tried a 5th grader at my school who was enthusiastic about the same book.  Since her mom is often there after school for PTA meetings, I thought we’d have the time as well.  But when I asked for parent permission, it was politely refused. Not everyone wants their kid talking online.  I can understand.

So I came back to my daughter and for some reason, now she was game.  So I set up a mic in our living room, made some quick notes and tapes a couple episodes.  There had to be a problem and for these recordings it was out growling puppy, but hey, it adds character.

It was fun!  She’s funny and just the coo-host I needed. I don’t know how it’ll sound yet or if anyone in the online group will like it but it was a fun experience for both of us and we’re looking forward to next month’s pick.  Maybe by then I’ll have figured out all the technical aspects, gotten at least one episode posted and we’ll get some feedback.

For these tech bits I’m using my old friend the internet to figure it out.  Audacity was recommended to me first, but since I have a Mac I’m using GarageBand.  I don’t have any theme song or special effects, so nothing too taxing so far.  The only editing I’ll do is to cut out long pauses and such.  I’m not concerned with too much professional sound at the moment.

As for posting it my research says to set up an account at the Internet Archive (which I’ve done). Then maybe use Auphonic and Feedburner and publish it on the other blog.  But if you know anything about this or have any tips, I’m all ears. I’m fumbling around in the dark.

So that’s part of how I’ll be spending my snow days.  Learning how to share this fun and goofy podcast idea and enjoy my time with my funny little family.

Stay safe everyone!


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