What I Do Have and What I Don’t

fitbitMy Lovely Bride and I got ourselves a couple of those FitBit Flex doohickys.  They’re like a pedometer plus.  You charge it up, strap it to your wrist and it tracks your steps and activity and such.  It’s got a companion website and app so you can check your progress, log in what you’re eating and drinking and such.  It’s default is a goal of 10,000 steps and 8 glasses of water.  There is nothing magical about those two numbers.  They are rubbish as scientific benchmarks, but I don’t care.  I need to give myself a fattitude adjustment so whatever gets me off my sagging middle-aged buttocks.

On the website you can add friends with FitBits and see how you compare and add in a little competition if you want.  A friend of my bride’s, D., has one so we added here.  D. and her hubby J. came over for dinner the other night and I asked him to join the cult so we could all do it together.

He said, “I’d really like to but there’s one problem.  I can’t because I DON’T HAVE A VAGINA!”

Heh heh.  Good one J.

Problem is, this burn came from a guy who bought me roses for Valentine’s Day!