I Need Harry Tuttle!

I had to get a new water heater a few months back.  Apparently $30 of it goes to having it inspected by a county official.  I received some papers that say I need to schedule this inspection.  When you call the number the automated voice helpfully suggests that you try the web site.  But the website only works in Internet Explorer.  I forget IE still exists sometimes, so I called the number again.

I’m not making this up.  When I got to the right choice to schedule an inspection I had to listen to a list of FORTY-ONE CHOICES of inspections.  Not one of them was for a new water heater.  So I called the “if you have questions” number a a woman answered without identifying herself and told me she only just then had gotten a printout of this new phone choice system and was sorry she’d be of little help.  She told me which choice includes water heaters (even though it doesn’t seem that it would) and that I shouldn’t even bother unless someone can be home during regular working hours on a weekday because that’s the only time they do inspections.

Of course it is.

I have six months to do this so I can wait until summer vacation but what if I wasn’t an educator?  What would I do then?  Not get it done, she said.  It’s not like anything bad happens if you don’t.

Yeah, right.  Somehow I know I’d get a call in five years telling me I owed something for never getting it inspected.  Plus, I already paid for this!


Where’s Harry Tuttle, heating engineer when you need him?!


One thought on “I Need Harry Tuttle!

  1. Nothing happens until you go to sell your house, at least that’s the case here in California. I’ve no problem with inspectors, etc. They are the reason why we have so few fatal home fires. But trying to make my way through the system was so frustrating the last time I did it that I’ll never do it again. That’s why we have contractors.

    Hope the heater works well.

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