I Got It!

Not the house yet.  Don’t get too excited.

ImageThe new library book drop cart!  The one Karen linked to was a bit small but I did find one that was big enough (not as big as I’d like but way better than what I have) and not too horribly expensive.

It’s made of something called MDF which is just industrial strength particleboard. Today was the first day I used it and it worked well. The spring loaded tray doesn’t come back up very fast but it comes back up eventually and makes for less of a drop than the old, tiny book drop did.

Now to figure out what to do with the old one.  It’s a nice little thing, just not needed in that spot.  I’m sticking it in the equipment room for now.  If I don’t think of a use for it in a year I’ll dump (or sell) it but it seems like it might be worth using for…something.

I know in the scheme of things this is not terribly exciting.  But this is the kind of thing we librarians have to think about.  Now all returns will come back in one place.  There’s no question where something will go (other than equipment or something huge).  This makes it less likely things will be put back in the wrong place before they’re checked in.  It means it’s more likely that everything does get checked in before making it back onto the shelf.  It means a lot less headaches for me (and a smoother run library in general).  So yeah, it’s not exciting, but it’s kind of important.