Do good work and be rewarded with more work

Not that I’m complaining.  As I’ve probably mentioned, since I don’t have a clerk in my Media Center and don’t have a ton of time for the expected morning broadcast, I’ve been doing it all on a tablet.  It’s been fun and earlier in the year I presented this idea to a bunch of other Media Specialists.  They liked it so much now I’ve been asked to present at the GLMA Summer Institute.  Don’t expect Doug Johnson or anything (that guy even did a TED Talk!) but  it should be fun.

I have also just been asked by the district  to be an official mentor to a new media specialist for next year.  There will be a meeting over the summer, then four plus scheduled meetings over the course of the year (and availability by email, phone, etc. of course).  It kind of freaks me out because the mentor assigned to me really knew everything and had even mentored previously.  I figured I might be eligible to be asked when I’d been doing this for ten years or so.  But this is only my 4th year.  I feel like I’m still just figuring it out myself!

Of course this is the kind of job that’s ever-changing so I guess we’re all just figuring it out as we go along.  What are some things you would want a new school librarian to know (other than the obvious stuff they covered in their classes)?