New House update

Yes, yes, we finally got past the two biggest humps: the inspection and the appraisal.  So, yeah, now it’s another kind of waiting game.

I’m lucky because the wonderful woman who makes all the millions of copies for everyone in the school works in a room right off my library so I am getting tons of empty copy boxes.  We’ve also already had a garage sale and are in the process of negotiating the removal and acquisition of different various things.  

The funniest one is our daughter’s playhouse.  If you followed my previous blog you may remember this.  Well, I didn’t even think about trying to move it to the new house because a) she doesn’t play in it much anymore and b) how the heck would you move that thing?

But a friend at our garage sale said, “You’d be surprised” and listed it on craigslist for us.  We got an offer and made it clear exactly how big and heavy the thing is.  I wanted to see how they’d do it!

Long story short, we have an envelope of cash they gave us, a torn up back yard and the playhouse is still sitting there (though way off center of where it was).

They promise to come back with a bigger flatbed and a better winch.  After hours of work they were able to lift it a bit, turn it in the desired direction, get it onto a ramp and almost winch it into place, but the winch broke and they had to abandon the project.  So we’ll see what happens with that.

Lucky for us, another teacher friend is downsizing at the same time we’re upsizing so we’re getting some of her cast off furniture we’ll need for our bigger place.

Stay tuned for more…