Don’t Be Too Quick To Judge

I admit, I was judging her.  A teacher was here in the library with her class and she was refusing to let a young man get the superhero book he wanted.  It was in comic book format and she said he reads too many of those and just had to get something else.

I bit my tongue but hate it when teachers are down on comic books.  Some of the kids who read those don’t read much else right now, it’s true, but they’re reading and enjoying reading.  What more could you want?

But then she explained that in his writing he’s putting everything together in comic book bubble sized chunks all over his papers and it makes no sense whatsoever.  She want him to see some regular prose to help him learn correct paragraph formatting.

That makes perfect sense. I would have given him one of the many chapter-book style superhero books we have but they were all checked out.  They’re that popular.  They still make some of the words pop out of the text like in the comics but for the most part they’re written in regular paragraphs and such.

I’ll hold one for him as soon as one comes back in.



2 thoughts on “Don’t Be Too Quick To Judge

  1. ejmam

    I still think she’s wrong, though. Denying someone recreational reading until they do their medicinal reading is counterproductive. It would be better for him to learn to write comprehensibly a year later but with a strong love of reading than for him to learn proper page design now but lose the habit of reading for pleasure.

    Maybe he could be allowed an extra book in super-hero chapter book format, as a special treat? Moving the medicinal reading into the luxury category.

    I’m speaking as a mom though, someone with the luxury to let my kids fail standardized tests on their way to eventual success. It’s probably harder for a teacher who has to produce results right now.

  2. Yeah. I tend to agree ejmam, but at least I saw why she was doing what she was doing. I still made sure to tell him that he could check out as many of these books as he wanted to at the public library!

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