Things are CRAZY!

We clomoving_cauldronsed on the new house last Friday and took possession Monday so we’ve been not only dealing with end-of-school-year craziness, but trying to move into a new house craziness at the same time.  We have some time, but I guess there’s never enough.

The new house is not far from the current one so we’re packing our cars up every evening, dropping stuff off every afternoon and spending some time taping up windows and trim and things for the big painting party this coming weekend.  On top of that we have some fellows coming to measure for new flooring in two rooms and the movers coming the 24th.  Will the painting and flooring be in by then or will two rooms of stuff have to be stashed in weird places while we wait for that to be completed?

Where will we put that one couch we want to keep but aren’t sure we’ll have room for?  Why did the vacuum cleaner have to die NOW? Should it be repaired or replaced?  And my daughter’s main question, how long will we be without wifi during the move!?

It’s all crazy.  And of course I’m dealing with the end of the year at a new school so there’s lots of little things I need to decide here as well.  I’ll get through it and it’ll actually mostly be fun but man oh man do we ever do crazy things at crazy times…