I Guess I’m Just Nice

Last Friday, May 9th was the last day to check out books in my school library.  I’ve heard from many people that apparently I’m super nice because most schools had May 9th as their final book turn in date.  I don’t actually have one of those.  Unofficially it’s the 13th but as long as I get everything by the last day, the 22nd, I’m cool.

Yes, I have many carts of returned books to organize and shelve but I guess I just like to check out books as long as I possibly can. I like it when the library is being used.

Crazy, I know!


4 thoughts on “I Guess I’m Just Nice

  1. I got a huge donation of books from Half Price books, so while all of the books need to be in tomorrow (so I have something like field day to hold over the heads of recalcitrant children), the students can all have books to KEEP. And I can do inventory. It’s a tightrope we all walk. You’re just braver than some of us! (Seriously, though: don’t you start having nightmares?)

  2. That’s great that you can give away books!

    I’m not having nightmares. They have another week and a half and we hold their report cards if they don’t turn them in/pay the fines. If that doesn’t work I just leave it on their account and they won’t ever check out until they either find it or pay. There’s only ever one or two students that have parents that refuse to pay and I figure they have bigger problems than library books if their parents are like that. They can still read in the library and if a teacher is bold enough, they can check a book out to them in their own name.

  3. ejmam

    Every year I’m astonished again at how late the west coast school year. We don’t get out until June 20-something!

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