When is a house a home?

I would say we’re a shade more than 90% moved in.  We still have a few things in the shed at the old house, a couple of random boxes in the garage to go through and we haven’t hung much on the walls yet.  Other than that, things are settling down to more every day concerns rather than just waking up and thinking about unpacking stuff.

My question is, when does a new house feel like “yours.”  I sleep pretty well here.  I’m getting used to places in the floor that creak and different sounds and such.  I’m getting to know my way around the neighborhood.  But it still feels like I’m visiting.  That it’s somehow not “real.”  I’ve moved before and am familiar with this feeling but don’t remember how long it takes before I feel completely at home.

Anyway, in book news I’ve unpacked all the books and found homes for them.  That’s always satisfying and another thing that makes the house more homey.  My book club read Longitude last month and will be discussing Gilgamesh of all things this month.  I’m back to a Scalzi book I started but had to put down for a while due to my other book club.  We’re reading Rick Riordan’s The Lost Hero out loud with our daughter.  And My Lovely Bride has started up a book club of mostly teacher friends.  They’re going to keep it very low pressure by doing it every other month so there’s definitely plenty of time to finish books.

Now I’m in the mood to go read for  spell…


2 thoughts on “When is a house a home?

  1. I’m an anywhere I hang my hat is home kind of guy. If I spend two nights in the same hotel, I start referring to it as “home” in casual conversation.

    But I know what you mean. “It’s nice to be home” is different from “let’s go home.” I suspect is has something to do with pictures on the wall. Do you have pictures on the wall? Do those pictures include photos taken in that house? When the answer to the second question is yes, then the place is home.

    Congratulations on the move, in any cas.

  2. Interesting point. We just started putting things on the wall this weekend and that does help. Also, there are some spots where our own wall stuff doesn’t work so we’ll be looking into adding other photos or buying art or something so I’m sure that will make more memories to tie us to this spot.

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