Happy Summer Solstice!

If you are in the northern hemisphere, of course. For my friends down under, happy Winter Solstice.

It’s a typical summer in that I think I’ll have all this time to blog but the lack of a schedule doesn’t lend itself to sitting down and writing any coherent thoughts.

Summer has been nice. We’ve been settling in, having friends to the new house and just enjoying our time. There has been some professional development. My Lovely Bride spent two days doing something with STEM that she didn’t seem overly impressed with. I went to the GLMA (GA Library Media Association) two day conference and even presented on the second day. My talk was on using a tablet computer to do the morning broadcast and it seemed to go over well. I was told I was funny.

My favorite part of giving my talk was when I went over my equipment and extolled the virtues of having a good rugged case for the iPad Mini so it won’t come to harm out in the world. The way I showed off this particular feature off was to drop it from about shoulder height.

It’s an interesting experience hearing 60-70 librarians all suck in their breath at the same moment.

Now we’re packing up to go to Florida for two weeks. So yeah, you won’t be hearing form me until July. But I should have read a few books by then if nothing else. Maybe I’ll even have some good pictures.

Lately I read Stephen Mitchell’s version of Gilgamesh for my book club and I finally got around to John Scalzi’s The Human Division which was fun. Oh, and re-read Zita the Spacegirl for my other online project.

Here’s hoping you are enjoying your summer as well.


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  1. I agree about STEM, but I like anything that promoted scientific thinking, so I guess it’s okay. It cracks me up when they try to add things to it like an A for art and call it STEAM or some such nonsense. Just keep adding letters and we’re back to where we started…teaching a little bit of everything.

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