The Final Countdown

If you’re an educator enjoying your last weekend before you need to work, what do you do?

That’s where I am now.  All staff reports back this coming Tuesday for “pre-planning week.”  I’m going in early Monday to make a video of the admin. team and to be there to meet the new teachers and hopefully answer any questions they may have about the library.

I was in a few times this past week straightening shelves and moving things around a bit, but nothing major.  Just acclimating to going back in I suppose, before the onslaught of the students.

But here it is, the last full weekend for us teachers.  My daughter still has until the first day of school with students which will be on August 5th this year.  So she’ll have another week to have fun.

There are things I should be doing to get ready but since none of them are terribly pressing I’m just sitting here on the couch.  I’ll probably read my book and snooze a bit.  Tomorrow I’ll do pretty much the same thing.  Next week I’ll make sure I have what I need clothing-wise for the new year and just do whatever it is the teachers need me to do.

So if school is starting for you soon, relax while you still can.  If you have a few more weeks…well then, I don’t want to hear about it!


3 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

  1. I have two more weeks, and would be in to school, but the library still has all of the furniture piled uo in the middle of it because they are “cleaning”. Stressing me out. Also don’t know about study halls or schedule. SOOO instead of hyperventilating, I’m trying not to think about work and rubbing dog’s tummy instead! (While reading, of course!)

  2. james, I don’t know but I heard it had something to do with getting the high school exams done BEFORE winter break. So we have longer breaks in between (a week at Thanksgiving for example) and I guess we end earlier than some but, yeah, it’s nuts.

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