Back in the Swing o’ Things

Well, mostly.

I’ve been absent from blogging because school has been getting back into gear.  And it’s already hilarious.  That’s one of the things I like about my job.  While there are certain things that always go on, there’s plenty of the unexpected to keep it interesting.

Our school has a theme every year.  Last year it was Superheroes.  This year it’s “Teach like a Rock Star!”

So last year we had our staff photo taken, then we stepped over to another spot in groups (by grade level or whatever) and there were all these superhero props we could use and we would strike a silly pose and have fun.

But this year we did the same thing with one added feature.  On the back-to-school pre-planning week schedule it said we would be making our own “music videos.”

Uh oh.  I just knew that meant that I would be making the music videos. So to keep it from getting too far out of control, I told everyone that I would be doing one take and no editing; that they had to have their music ready and whatever else they wanted.  I also had the principal send them a tight sign up schedule so they would see they had no more than ten minutes or so each.

Well, it actually went pretty well.  I mean none of these folks should quit their day jobs but for such short notice they did some fun things.  The office staff dressed up like they’ve been living the thug life and did a variation on “Ice Ice Baby.”  Second grade did a blistering version of “I Love Rock n’ Roll” that featured one teacher getting pencils tossed at her.  The Special Ed. team has one male member so they re-enacted the “Addicted to Love” video.  Of course they all did karaoke versions and wrote their own lyrics so it was “I Love 2nd Grade” and “Addicted to School.”

I’ve been playing one a day on the morning announcements for the whole school and it’s been quite entertaining.  I’m saving the administrator video version of the Spice Girls until last.