With a Friend Like Harry

I used to watch movies. I used to actually be kind of a serious movie buff.  When I mean serious I mean I actually wrote to professional film critics, had a few minor things published in various spots and visited a couple film schools before eventually going into education.

And now?  Now I mostly watch streaming television shows and only go to the theater when it’s something big that my daughter and her friends want to see, like Wreck-It-Ralph, How to Train Your Dragon 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy.  Those were all wonderful movies but that’s not the kind of film I’m talking about.

So today I went to abetterquqe.com and picked a movie I’d vaguely heard about but never seen and watched it on Netflix. What a fun thing to do!  I should try it more often.  Not enough to get behind in my reading, but every once in a while.

Today’s film was the 2000 French thriller, With a Friend Like Harry.  A simple little Hitchcockian tale about a stranger insinuating himself into a family and creepy things happening.  But also, a lightness of touch and some humorous touches in all the twisted darkness.  It got that old part of my brain noticing things the actors and director were doing and making connections to other things I’d seen.  That hasn’t happened in quite a while.

What’s something off the beaten path you’ve seen lately?