Library Excitement

After I do a few mini-lessons with classes I make sure to also show them how to use the public library website as well.  I explain how all the libraries in our county are connected and they are a much better place than our elementary library for getting those super-popular books.  I show them how they can log in, request a book and that it will be sent to their branch for pick up.  The example I used was, of course, the Wimpy Kid books.  We have five of each copy and they are all always out and hard to get. For the one I looked up at the public library, they had 64 copies in total and about eight of them in stock.

After the lesson I asked for questions.  My favorite was from a girl who was a bit miffed.  She said, “WHY HAVEN’T  YOU TOLD US ABOUT THIS BEFORE?!”

Heh heh.  Like I was keeping the PUBLIC LIBRARY a big secret.


One thought on “Library Excitement

  1. Our public library brings books RIGHT TO OUR SCHOOL. It is the most awesome thing ever. I did fine out the hard way that you can only reserve 50 books and then they cut you off!

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