Do You Do Bad Book Reviews?

I usually would rather post about a book I’m excited about.  In our family read-alouds we’ve been following along with a series the last couple of years.  The first three books we adventurous, exciting and fun.  The third book, to me, came to a pretty good end.

We just finished the fourth book and while the daughter liked it well enough, My Lovely Bride and I were slogging through the thing.  It just didn’t have a point for us.  We told her if there are any more books in this series she can read them on her own. That’s one great thing when they get a little older.  You can split books into ones you agree to read aloud and ones they can read on their own!

But yeah, I don’t see any reason to write a bad review.  I gave it two stars on Goodreads because it wasn’t terrible, it just wasn’t for me and I didn’t really see the point of it.  Kind of like Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull I suppose. Just cashing in.



One thought on “Do You Do Bad Book Reviews?

  1. I will sometimes post bad reviews because for some genres I rely on the opinions of other readers and I hope they’re being honest, too. Karmically, that works for me.

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