Comment Policy

John Scalzi recently updated his comment policy and is now limiting the comment window to his blog posts to 14 days.  I am going to follow suit.  I don’t have nearly the number of commenters he does, but I’ve noticed one thing in common.  Relevant comments usually do happen in the first couple of weeks.  After that, the only comments a post gets is usually spam.  I have gotten spam comments up to two years after a post, believe it or not.

So if you come across a post you’d like to comment on after the 14 day limit, well there’s plenty of other ways to comment including, email, Twitter, G+, and even good old fashioned post.

With this post, I’ll also start a “policies” tag so you can always find any relevant policies.  Not that I expect there to be that many. Just saying.

Anyway, I look forward to your comments and questions on pretty much anything!  In fact, go ahead an make a comment right now.  Ask me any random question.  Make me write a blog post on it.