Getting Back to Normal

Not that the library is ever normal.  That’s one of the best things about the job.  It changes constantly.  But with the book fair gone, we have our regular space back at least.

This past week was good because it was not busy at all so I could catch up on the backlog from a week of book fair.  It was a bummer because the reason it wasn’t busy was because of more testing.  In fact, I looked at the testing calendar (isn’t it even a bummer to have such a thing as a testing calendar?) and realized that November is the only month without any kind of testing going on.

When do we actually, you know, teach?

But anyway, I’ve started reading the Reader’s Rally books, promoting the Georgia Picture Book award nominees, and teaching a new small-group thing on video filming and editing for the morning show with 5th graders.  We also got in our first big book order so it’s been fun sharing all the new books with the students and staff.

Now that the book fair is over, that also means more money for another book order!


2 thoughts on “Getting Back to Normal

  1. “Not that the library is ever normal.” Have to echo that. Or quiet. My book fairs have resulted in only company “dollars” recently, so I’m just not having one this year. It’s like a tropical vacation. Aaaaah.

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