Thoughts on e-reading

ebksMy Lovely Bride has completely gone over to the other side.  I remember getting my first Kindle.  She didn’t really like it until we were reading a book out loud to our daughter and we found ourselves finishing it on vacation.  We could have driven to a bookstore or we could find the nearest wifi spot and download the next one on the Kindle.  Then we downloaded the third one in the series before we left for home and just kept on reading.  It was like magic.

She got the first generation iPad and read some book on there.  Later she got the iPad mini and that’s now where she does most of her reading.  This past summer she still bought some paperbacks, but recently she left a book she was reading in her classroom and basically said, that’s it, all ebooks from now on.  She just likes knowing whatever she is reading is right there.  If she leaves the iPad downstairs after going to bed and feels like reading she can pick up right where she left off on her phone.

She also likes the iPad because she’s not locked in to one source.  If she has a balance on Amazon, she’ll get the book on the Kindle app.  If she gets an iTunes card as a gift, she’ll grab something in iBooks.

I’m still happy with the Kindle Paperwhite, though.  Easier on my eyes than a tablet.  Though I also will pick up where I left off on my phone at times.  That is one of the biggest conveniences.

I’m a pretty cheap reader, though.  I’ll still just get a book at the library once in a while rather than pay.  Most of my ebooks were deals of one sort or another.  I’m not a format fascist.  I’ll listen to or read a book in all manner of formats.  But the other day when I heard our book group will be doing The Name of the Wind next year and saw it in a bookstore, I knew I’d be happy to get that 700 page behemoth on my always light Kindle, that’s for sure.


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  1. ejmam

    I still do both, although I have a slight preference for paper while reading. I use the library a lot for both, and they’ve only recently enable renewing for library ebooks. Since I tend to always overestimate how much I’ll be able to read and therefore renew stuff all the time, that is good for me.

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