Installing Some Nests

downloadOur new house had some of those electronic thermostats.  They sucked.  The one downstairs was mostly okay, but we were always adjusting it manually because we didn’t buy it and never learned how to properly deal with it.  The one upstairs was the same model but was constantly pissing us off.  We’d set it where we wanted it for night time, then press and turn on the “hold” function.  It almost never held.  We’d wake up freezing or lately, it would go up to what felt like 100 degrees in the middle of the day.

We could have bought two new electronic thermostats but we went crazy and I just finished installing two new Nest units. Yes they are expensive but we had points on our credit card, just got a professional bonus and told the parents to advance our Xmas gift $ and that made it do-able.

Apparently these little magic stainless steel pucks will learn our comings and goings and temperature preferences and adjust itself accordingly.  They’re blue when cooling and red when heating.  As long as they don’t close the pod bay doors on me we should be good.

I have no idea how well they’ll work but if they work half as well as they claim then they’ll be a thousand times better than what we had.  (No, I wasn’t a math major.)

I’m just happy the installation was a breeze.  They even have their own little screwdrivers in the eco-friendly packaging.

So we voted today and installed energy-saving thermostats.  And it’s a beautiful day so we took the kid and dog to the park for a romp.  Now I feel completely justified in kicking back, reading and maybe having a snooze.

Did I mention we’re both educators?  That’s why we have the day off.  Many of the schools are polling places.  I only wish it was a holiday for everyone.  Wouldn’t that be great?  And you know how on New Year’s the cabs will take you home for free to avoid drunk drivers?  What if no one had to work and all the cabs and public transportation was free today, election day.  And it became a fun cookout holiday like the 4th?  I know we don’t need another federal holiday but I’d happily trade Columbus Day and President’s Day for a true Election Day.

Somebody put it on the ballot so we can vote on it.