Today’s is a post of random things

So I’m listening to all the Reader’s Rally books on audio.  Right now I’m about 20 or 30 minutes away from finishing a particularly annoying one.  The narrator just doesn’t do it for me and the plot is so silly it’s not really worth getting into.  The plot holes are big enough to drive a whole other novel through.

I’m also uploading all the photos on my laptop to Amazon.  They’ve opened up their cloud drive to Prime members to upload all of their photos.  Unlimited.  Just photos though.  You get 5GB for other stuff but the photos are unlimited.  As long as you keep ponying up for Prime you’ll be good.  I haven’t checked out the app yet.  I hope it automatically synchs the photos on my phone like Trunx does.  So far I love Trunx for that but we’ll have to see what happens when they go to a subscription model.

Have you seen Amazon’s new thing called Echo?  The music thing seems nifty, but I don’t know that it would be worth it just for that.

Today was the last day of the GaETC conference.  I saw a talk on making your school’s morning show more interesting.  I can’t use most of the ideas but it gave me some of my own and that kind of inspiration is always the best parts of these conferences.

I also saw another talk by Doug Johnson.  In fact, it was the best one and I really need to review it on his wiki because it will have the most impact on my discussions with my colleagues and what we’re doing with our BYOD program and tech in general.  It was called Rules of Engagement: Using Personal Technologies to Motivate Rather Than Distract.  Then I saw Chris Craft and his rundown of some fun and interesting Google Chrome extensions/apps.  Finally there was the big prize giveaways. I actually something.  It was just a generic swag bag collection.  Bot one of the more top-of-the-line things like tablets or laptops or whatever.  But that’s cool.  I got to go home and start my weekend early so I can NOT complain.

Enjoy your weekend!