Where Do You Keep All Your Photos?

downloadAnd, “on my phone” or “on my computer” is the wrong answer.

I’m thinking about this because Amazon just added unlimited photo storage for their Prime account members.  Being a Prime account member, I went ahead and loaded up all the photos on my computer to the Amazon cloud.  Of course I’ll have to continue paying for that Prime membership to keep having access to all of my photos for the foreseeable future, but it seems like an okay deal to me.

I have an app on my phone called Trunx which I’ve been telling my friends about.  It synchs all the photos you take on your phone and keeps them in their cloud.  That way you can delete all the photos off of your phone as you go, keep your memory clear, and have access to all your photos there as well.  I even uploaded all the photos on my computer to that as well.  For now, Trunx is free but I’m sure it’ll eventually become a subscription and I’ll have to decide which service to stick with.

I’ll not only have to pick a service; if I stay with Amazon I’ll have to download all the photos that are only on Trunx and move those over to Amazon.  And of course the problem with that is Trunx keeps everything, even the crap photos and the silly stuff you capture to share with friends and the photos of your parking spaces and things that IKEA you’re thinking about getting and all that hoo-ha.  So it’ll take a couple hours of filtering to get the good stuff.

I have also been using Shutterfly for about a hundred years.  They have an app too.  (Doesn’t everyone?).  Theirs doesn’t automatically synch.  You just open the app, see all the photos on your phone, click on the ones you want to keep, and you’re good.  That’s the service we use for prints and holiday gift calendars and all that.  I’ve always figured if my computer blew up or the house burned down, at least all the best stuff is there.

But that’s not really true now, is it? I got my first digital camera in about 2001.  So some of my older stuff is on CDs.  I need to add those to the cloud, huh?  And I still have gobs of actual physical photos as well.  Guess I need to go scan all those and add them to the cloud. Dang.

Of course the way technology changes the prints are the things that will probably last the longest.  That’s why I used to always download all the photos from my digital camera every month or so, edit them and upload the good ones to Shutterfly.  Then we’d order prints of the best ones and put them in albums.  I did that regularly from around the time my daughter was born in 2003 until, well, I guess until we all got smartphones and now it just doesn’t seem as important.

The only reason we order prints these days are to send them to grandparents we can’t text them to.

And what kind of scanner is best for this?  I’ve seen some pretty badly scanned photos.  I mean I have a printer that has a scanner on it but hardly ever use it.  Looks like I’ve given myself another research project!

Anyway, I highly recommend getting at least one of the three services I mentioned and at least keep your phone clear for crying out loud.  It’s a waste of memory to keep them all on your device especially when it could get lost or stolen at any time. Plus you don’t want to end up like Neil deGrasse Tyson.  You know that famous photo of him and Bill Nye and Obama? He was going to get a shot of just him and Obama but the memory on his phone was full and he couldn’t do it.  Bill Nye came to the rescue with his phone.

So this is the one instance you DON’T want to be like Neil deGrasse Tyson!