The Problem with Posting Every Day

So I said in honor of my friends out in the world struggling to write every day of November for Novel Writing Month I would at least write a blog post every day.

But then you run into both time and quality issues.

Like right now I don’t really have a good idea for a post and I don’t have much time to write one so I’m just kind of babbling here.  Actually, technically, I do have ideas.  I always have ideas for a half dozen posts floating around somewhere in my noggin but the time issue is making it difficult to snatch one from the ether and pin it down properly.

I also feel like I’ve written too many library-related posts lately.  I have other things to say, people!  I too want to rail against Ted Cruz and his blinkered ideas on Net Neutrality.  I have funny stories about my daughter and her puppy.  I’ve been watching things on Netflix!  And Youtube! And I’ve seen funny stuff on Twitter! We’re landing a probe on a freaking comet tomorrow.  Season 3 of Tabletop is starting in two days. My daughter’s school backpack weighs a TON, what’s up with that?

But I have two upcoming presentations (that I’ll no doubt recycle into posts) and a big meeting right after school and I know me.  After that big meeting I’ll go home, walk the dog, help the daughter with homework, do dinner/dishes/etc. Then read or watch TV until I’m too pooped to pop and go to bed.  I won’t want to think up a blog post.

So here I am during the last hour of the school day giving you what I can until time runs out.

bloggingI’ll let you know about my upcoming presentations, so you can give me your thoughts on those.  I’m sure you’ll have great and insightful things to say and I’ll incorporate them into my presentations and blog posts and those posts will go viral and I’ll have YOU to thank for boosting my signal.

The one this week is for other school librarians in my district on how to run your library without a full-time clerk. Traditionally there is one full-time media specialist and one full time media clerk per elementary school.  Sometimes that’s not even enough because our schools are getting HUGE.  I had a full time clerk at my last job (but they did pull her more and more for other duties).  Here (at a school a third again as big as my last) I have none.  So I’m presenting to librarians how to deal with that as best you can.

The other presentation is next week and it’s talking to parents about digital citizenship, internet safety, cyberbullying, that kind of thing.  That’s the one I’d love to hear from you on.  There’s just SO MUCH to talk about I’m having trouble narrowing it down.

Until tomorrow, stay thirsty my friends.