Go Bucks

downloadToday’s football game between Ohio State and Indiana was going to decide how my day went.  My parents were all ready to watch and happy for the first time since I got here on Thursday.  Ohio shot out of the gate with an early score but struggled a lot in the first half.  They were up by one point at the half but not playing their best.  My mom told me that if they lost, look out. Dad would be hard to live with for the week.

Luckily, they got their shit together in the final quarter and trounced Indiana 42 to 27.  So my folks were pleasant the rest of the afternoon and it will bode well for the week.

I’m not much into sports and can’t see how a game could influence my week, but that’s how it is for Dad.  And there’s plenty of things I care about that he just does NOT get at all.  But I think he was happy I was there.  Especially when I could look up the stats of other games and answer questions on my phone.  So anyway, GO BUCKS.