That was one way to spend a day.


So today I drove my folks to my dad’s otho doc for his check in.  Here’s a photo of mom signing him in for his X-rays with his leg resting on the walker while we wait.  He messed himself up pretty bad, that’s for sure.  The good news from the doctor was that he’s been doing well keeping weight off of it and keeping it elevated as much as he can.  The bad news is it will be weeks more of this boring recovery. It’s hardest on my mom I think.


When we got home a friend of mine came over with his car loaded with stuff.  He brought his own pizza grill and a cooler of fresh ingredients!  He made a bunch of pizzas.  Italian sausage, olives and jalapeno peppers for my dad.  A Margarita pizza for mom.  For us he invented his “Thanksgiving Special” with macaroni, turkey and cranberries.  It was better than it sounds.

He was completely in the pizza making zone for a while and we were all stuffed and happy.

After he left my daughter called to let me know she wanted to watch a Once.  She’s gotten us all into this show we’re streaming on Netflix called Once Upon A Time.  When I left for Florida I told them NOT to watch it without me since it’s one of our family rituals now. But she’s not been feeling well and wanted to watch the next episode.  So I told them to queue it up and hit pause.  Then I went to Netflix on my laptop and did the same.  Then we opened up a group text and hit play at pretty close to the same time.  It was pretty fun to watch along with all three of us texting reactions and theories and snarky comments about wigs and such.

Now I’m full and sleepy…