Black Friday? Nope. I’m giving to charity instead.

via ABC news
via ABC news

Every Black Friday ad I see and everyone I hear who plans on camping out for deals makes me want less and less stuff.  I think I’m just going to turn that day into a yearly charity day for my part.  It’s just gotten too absurd and obnoxious for me to stomach.  I’m all about a good deal but this “tradition” is a bit much.

We already give to the amazing Doctors Without Borders on a monthly basis.  So I think I’ll pick someone else for this gift.  My new favorite is Room to Read. They build libraries in third world countries and provide scholarships, primarily to girls.  Promoting literacy and gender equality. What’s not to love?

So yeah, giving books and education to people who need it sounds better than getting a good deal on some crap I don’t actually need.  I’d rather stay home and read that day and spend more time with my family.


One thought on “Black Friday? Nope. I’m giving to charity instead.

  1. My plan is definitely to stay home and read the entire Thanksgiving weekend. In fact, the only shopping I do in December is grocery shopping, and no more of that than I can help! Glad to see you put an even more positive spin on things!

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