3D-Fablehaven1I got a text from the girls that they are continuing to read this out loud on their holiday travels and there wasn’t that much left to go so I went ahead and finished it today.

Eh. It was okaaaaay, but not great.  You gotta understand that since Harry Potter came out we’ve read a lot of great kid’s fantasy books and this is a solid but unremarkable addition to the group.  When it comes to re-using fairy tale tropes Michael Buckley set a high water mark with the Sister’s Grimm series.  This doesn’t rise to that level at all but I’m keeping an open mind because the rest of the series has higher ratings on Goodreads.  As long as it doesn’t stick to the adult warning the kids/the kids disregarding the warning/the kids feeling sorry for the horrible consequences pattern set by this book and actually explores more interesting stuff then it has the elements to be something more than this first book would suggest.  I also see he has multiple popular series so, again, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

But you’re going to have to work for it, Brandon Mull! I’m just saying.