Getting Rid of My Parents Old Crap; A Beginning

So I linked to the Ferguson library site yesterday and it was reported today that they have almost raised enough money to hire a SECOND full time librarian.  How cool is that?  I’m sure it was my post and had nothing to do with Neil Gaiman tweeting about it, right?

I worked in my parents garage and attic today.  I have put my foot down and told my Dad that even after he recovers from this broken leg thing that the correct number of times he should ever climb up into the attic is ZERO TIMES.  So to help with that I cleaned out a bunch of random crap in their garage and brought down the most looked for items in the attic.  The Xmas stuff, some luggage, some coolers, that kind of thing.  I also took some things he claims are precious antiques and put them in the back of my vehicle to take back to GA.  They will from now on reside in my currently mostly empty shed.

I took all the crap to Goodwill and the recycling center/dump.  Those were interesting experiences.  There’s a HUGE Goodwill center about 30 minutes from where they live but there’s also smaller satellite drop off points.  Just a few miles down the road from where they live is one that will take your donations but they only sell books.  It’s a nice, clean, well-lit used bookstore. I might need to go back there.

Sony-TrinitronThe city waste management site was about 20 miles south and was equally clean and well organized.  The most obvious thing was a whole bunch of those big assed flat screen TVs from the 90s.  Remember those things?  I’m glad I never had to deal with getting rid of one of those.

Anyway, I need to come back and do a more complete job of emptying out their attic.  Most of it is trash.  The only treasure I found was a box of my old comics I thought I’d thrown out and my old microscope.  Those will be of interest to my daughter. My Dad says if I do ever finish cleaning out his attic he’ll just wait until I leave and put stuff back up there.  I told him I’d eith er get a piece of metal and solder it shut or I’d booby-trap the folding ladder to collapse after the third step.


2 thoughts on “Getting Rid of My Parents Old Crap; A Beginning

  1. Cleaned out my parents’ house this summer and have every piece of occasional wooden furniture known to man in my basement now. What my daughters will do with four old fashioned school desks, I don’t know. Good work! Now you just have to keep YOUR house clean and decluttered!

  2. Yes, thank you. We’re actually pretty good about weeding our own house. I mean we definitely have more than we need, but we aren’t big sentimentalists and aren’t afraid to throw things away.

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