Getting ready for holidays in the new house

MI0001402377Despite the nincompoops at the Corpus Christi, TX airport delaying a flight for my wife and daughter which barely gave them enough time to make their connection in Houston and despite my car needing a roadside service call giving me a two hour late start on my long drive from FL yesterday, we all made it home at nearly the same time!  It was SO nice to get home all at once, order Italian and unpack while telling our travel tales.

Today we got to get out all the holiday decorations and do some online shopping. Funnily enough it mostly ended up being stuff for us.  But hey, we get family and close friends a family photo calendar every year and we already did that weeks ago.  So no guilt on my part.

It’s fun getting ready for holidays in a new house.  One funny thing:

When we unpacked the boxes there were some holiday music CDs in the bottom of one.  But between Pandora, Songza and Youtube we hardly ever listen to CDs anymore.  My Lovely Bride started talking about tossing them since there’s no CD drive in the new iMac in the kitchen and our main music source is an old iPod Touch and a Jambox we carry around wherever we are.  There is an old dusty boom box in the basement, but then I realized your Blu-Ray/DVD player will also play CDs.  So here I am in the kitchen on the iMac typing as I hear James Brown’s Funky Christmas playing nice and loud from the next room.  Ahhhh.  Time to pour another snort of bourbon in my egg nog and enjoy some more family time.