The End!

Not of the blog, sillies, of NaNoWriMo AND my promise to blog every day during the month of November.  It was a successful experiment on my part.  I was feeling blah about blogging but it’s definitely gotten me back into it.  I doubt I’ll post every single day but I’ll try to keep it up much more often.

One thing I’m excited about is the return of the TBR Double Dog Dare. It’s the only book challenge I consistently sign up for since it’s flexible enough for me to continue reading book club picks as well as knocking a few titles off of my TBR pile.

I did recently knock out a couple of the Reader’s Rally team books over the break.  Iron Thunder by Avi was good enough historical fiction novel for the 4th-6th grade crown about the ironclad ships used during the Civil War from a boy’s point of view who gets to help crew the Monitor.  Not too long, enough real detail to keep it interesting and plenty of action at the end.  Similar to those I Survived books Lauren Trashes is putting out and which are super popular at my school.

The other one was a realistic fiction school story by Andrew Clements called Lunch Money.  Clements has been around long enough that I’m sure you’re familiar with him and have a t least heard of his best and most famous book, Frindle.  This one is a typical school story of his with the main character obsessed with coming up with new ways to make money.  Finally he hits on creating his own series of comics to sell to other students.  A girl he’s always competing with gets the same idea.  The principal puts a stop to it saying students shouldn’t sell things at school, especially something as lowbrow as comics, which she sees as no better than toys.

The two team up to make better comics and to pressure a teacher to help them get their thoughts together to speak at a PTA meeting requesting they be allowed to sell their comics since they are similar in quality to the comics already being sold by those monthly book club flyers.  It’s not a bad book at all.  It’s just nothing real new.  It’s a solid addition or variation on that same old Clements school story.  He always has perfect read aloud/book circle fodder for the 3rd-5th grade set and this, while not as new or inspiring as Frindle or The Landry News is one teachers will continue to get a lot out of in those departments.

Now I’m off to enjoy the rest of my afternoon and the end of Thanksgiving Break.  Have a safe few weeks until Winter Break and I’ll check in as much as I can until then.


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