New book day is always fun in the library.

This is the order I did after the last book fair.  So it’s mostly student and teacher requests and replacements of things.

It’s always nice to be appreciated but when we get new books in, that’s when I really hear it. I had a number of kids hugging books to their chests and thanking me profusely for some of these.  Of course those weren’t the ones the teachers asked for. The teachers requested more books on gravity, the rock cycle, erosion and careers. The kids asked for more car and truck books, superheroes, Star Wars, Geronimo and Thea Stilton, the new Riordan, new Wimpy Kid and new Dork Diaries. I also got sets of all those Minecraft handbooks, Jake Maddox sports fiction, graphic novels of course and random other things.

All the Dork diaries, Wimpy Kids and Minecraft books went first.  The Jeff Smith Bone books are starting to disappear.  The new Dan Santat illustrated Ricky Ricotta books are also a hit.

I usually let them take things the first two days, then whatever is left I start featuring on the morning show.  For example we just never had any Bone books in our collection so I got five copies of the first three in the series.  As soon as my die hard comics readers get through those they’ll pick up in circulation.  We also never had any Goosebumps but since there’s a Jack Black movie coming out next year I decided to get a few.  Don’t ask me, I can never figure out why previous media specialists missed out on popular books like that.  But it’s fine since I get to be the hero who buys them now!


“Well thank you guys for buying all that junk at the book fair so I had the money to order them!”


2 thoughts on “New book day is always fun in the library.

  1. Back in the days of Goosebumps I used to buy the newest one and just sit quietly at my desk reading it during silent reading time like it was nothing. Five minutes would go by and the whispering would start. Ten minutes and a student would sort of sneak up to my desk, not allowed to get up during reading time, by getting a tissue and blowing his nose. Toss out the tissue and casually ask, “Can I read that when you’re done, Mr. Chester?”

  2. That is AWESOME. Yes, I am always imploring teachers to actually sit and read during silent reading. Not to grade or whatever. My wife and I have gotten more kids reading just by them asking us about what WE’RE reading. Including newspapers, dictionaries and all those Before Times things.

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