Fortunately, the Milk

17349203This slim volume will now be my favorite book to recommend to my teachers for their next read aloud.  (It helps if you can pull off a British accent, but is not essential.)

The mother of a family of four leaves to go off to a conference, leaving an absent–minded father to look after the children.  He forgets the milk and this is not noticed until the cereal and the tea have been poured, awaiting the milk. He pops out to get some and the children wait.  And wait.  And wait.

Upon his triumphant return with the milk he has quite the story to tell.  It involves, among other things, a time travelling stegosaurus, space aliens, erupting volcanoes and some silly vampires.  The whole concoction is wonderfully illustrated by Skottie Young, known for his adaptation of L. Frank Baum’s Oz books.  They totally make this silly story even more crazily wonderful.

There are a ton of great lines, but this one stuck with me.  At one point the aliens sighed, “with a noise like a hundred elephantine snot balloons all deflating at once.”

Just so.