Retrofit (preview)

Obsolete Computer RecyclingWe had a “retrofit meeting” the other day.  By we I mean me, the tech people, the administration and a handful of folks from the head office and company in charge of said retrofit.

This will be our every-five-years or so tech update.  Right now all the teachers have a laptop for them and a desktop for students.  After the retrofit they will have a newer laptop and two small laptops for students.  They will all also be getting a document camera.  THAT will be a great thing.  Right now we only have a handful and there is much tearing of hair and gnashing of teeth over who gets one when.  Now all will have their own!

In the library they will be taking away all of our desktop computers and giving us 35 small wireless laptops instead.  There will be two new desktops dedicated just to the media catalog, so that will be nice.  Right now if a whole class is on the computers and another class wants to look up books they’re out of luck.  One problem I’ll need to figure out is headphones. Right now there is a set of headphones hung more or less on every computer station monitor.  With movable laptops this will not work.  I’m thinking of getting four or five plastic baskets that will each hold a number of sets of headphones.  But I’ll need to put each set of headphones into it’s own ziplock bag or the tangles will be never ending.  Will they put the headphones back in the bags?  We’ll have to train them and see.

There will also be four “Project Carts” in the building.  Each cart has 8 laptops, a printer cable, a small Nikon digital camera, a small Canon digital video camera, a small IPEVO document camera and 3 16GB SD cards.  I’m hoping we can have one in the media center as part of a Maker Space but that might not happen as I won’t really need the laptops.  Of course with all that new stuff getting out there maybe I can put some of the older cameras and such into my imaginary Maker Space.  I need to actually figure out the space part of it first though.

Later on I will have a separate update of my broadcast room equipment.

My big question is will the teachers continue to have the whole class come in and work on the computers the same way as always, or will they take advantage of the wireless capabilities and let them move around in small groups around the library?

This all happens end of February/beginning of March so we’ll see how it all turns out.