CSI School Tech Investigations On the Case!

contents_2128_1Just an FYI.  If someone draws a crude picture on MS Paint on a school computer and labels the objects depicted as “BOOBS,” “Pee,” and “tutu” (which I can’t really tell if it’s supposed to be poop or a vagina) and prints out said image over one hundred times on a Media Center printer, all you have to do is contact the tech guy and he will be ON THE CASE and will make sure to BUST THE VARMIT who did it.

Within minutes he had a printout of which computer had been used at what time with what login and the assistant principal was talking to the parent and the student will no longer be seen in the Media Center.  (Don’t worry, he’s not enrolled.  He’s one of the middle school kids who I generously allow to hang out on the computers in the Media Center until it’s time for them to walk over to their school.  It’s not like I’m banning one of my current students.)  And no, he wasn’t dumb enough to use his own login.  But it didn’t matter.  Knowing the computer and the time was enough to know it was him.  Goofball.