Irish accents FTW

downloadThe first book for the 2015 book club is James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. I usually just read these books but sometimes I check my local library and see if they’re available on audio. This one was and I know me, so I got it.  I know that I’m much more likely to finish a classic like this if I get it on audio. Plus? Irish accents! I love an Irish accent. So far the book is all about the young man’s childhood but written in lovely language so it’s reminiscent of listening to Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes. I do realize that James Joyce came first but I listened to Frank McCourt way back when so there.

I’ve read Joyce’s Dubliners before and I was a lit. major so I’ve got the chops to do a more thorough reading and really delve into the symbolism and whatnot (roses anyone?) but right now I’m just enjoying letting the lovely language and accent roll over me while I drive my daily commute.


One thought on “Irish accents FTW

  1. Nice report. I use that expression, ‘let the language roll over me’ from time to time. The music of some writers’ verse is like a lagniappe that makes the journey sweeter.

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