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imagesSo when I discovered Geek & Sundry, one of the shows I fell in love with was Tabletop with Wil Wheaton.  He plays unique and interesting board games with friends and other internet celebrities.  Up until then I had a love/hate relationship with tabletop games.

When I was younger I played all the regulars.  checkers, chess, Monopoly, Risk, Clue, Battleship, Yatzee, etc.  When I met my wife she like those as well as Rummikub, Jenga, Taboo, Boggle, Perquacky, and others.  We’d play every once in a while, just the two of us, and sometimes with friends.  We did the whole Trivial Pursuit thing and Tri-Bond and Cranium and others.  I especially liked Balderdash. I like Apples to Apples but she thinks that’s too subjective.  It’s a fun party game though.

When my daughter came along things changed.  She liked some games and we had fun with Zingo, Hissss, and a few others but she loved Sorry! and Life and those were getting mind numbing to me.  Then she started getting a bit older AND started watching Tabletop with me.  So in the last year things have gotten more interesting. The first game we got from those shows was Wits & Wagers Family Edition.  Great fun.  Then we got Tsuro.  Oh, that one is beautiful, easy to play and fun.  Then she brought Blokus into the mix and we re-discovered Quirkle.

Last year some friends of ours who knew we liked games (but are unaware of the show) got us Catan.  I was worried it would be too difficult and put people off but we had two other friends who had played before and we had them come over at different times over the holiday break and walk us through a couple of games.  One day my (at the time) 5th grade daughter and a few of her friends got it out and played over the summer!  I have no idea if they were following the directions correctly but they had a blast and that’s the most important thing.

This year those same friends who gave us Catan gave us Small World.  Catan is like a much more interesting version of Monopoly.  Small World is like a quicker and more interesting version of Risk.  We haven’t played yet but I’m sure we’ll knock out a few rounds of it and some other games over the upcoming winter break.  I’ll write up how it goes.

What about you?  What games do you guys like to play?


2 thoughts on “Tabletop Gaming!

  1. Another big Tabletop fan here! We have a lot of fun with Smash Up. I like it because it’s fun for 2 people and also for for as many people as you can fit with your deck. And it’s fairly easy to explain, and most of the decks are good for novices but fun for experts. I give it as a gift a lot.

    King of Tokyo is a good one for kids & adults together.

    Lately we’ve been playing a lot of Pandemic, even the low-reading 11 year old. It’s a fun cooperative game, even if we tend to lose a lot.

    We like Small World, but it tends to run even longer than Settlers of Cataan. My boys are into Illuminati. My brother demo-tests games for several small companies (Steve Jackson, Cheap Ass) so we also get to see some fun tiny games, like Zombie Dice or some game that reminded me of the Love Letters one from Tabletop.

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