Bigoted Yahoos in GA vs. Freedom of Religion

Don’t the bigoted yahoos in the background of this video holding their signs and yelling realize it’s no longer the mid-20th century? They look exactly like the bigoted yahoos who tried to stop the schools being integrated.  Thankfully there aren’t that many of them.  I just hope Kennesaw, GA does the right thing and makes sure the new mosque is protected from any nutcases wishing to do harm.

There is apparently some people in Kennesaw , GA who have a different religion that the majority of citizens.  They are building a mosques, but as that will take two years to complete, they asked permission to use a vacant store front for the purpose.  At first their request was rejected by the city council.  Traffic concerns.  Zoning concerns.  Other bullshit reasons that are more clearly spelled out on the signs of the bigoted yelling yahoos.  Signs like “Ban Islam!” and “Cults don’t have rights!”

After a discussion with their legal council the city council asked to change their vote, allowing the place of worship permission to go ahead.  I’m guessing the legal council showed them an obscure and hard to find legal reference called Amendment 1 of the Constitution.

I am no fan of organized religion but I am a fan of the separation of church and state.  It keeps religious nonsense out of government and keeps government nonsense and bigotry away from places of worship.These are American citizens pursuing their constitutionally guaranteed right of freedom to worship.

I love the BS arguments too.  Traffic issues?  How many Muslims do they think are in Cobb County?  This is the same county that is relocating the freaking Atlanta Braves stadium to their county.  And they’re worried about the traffic at a strip mall?

And the sign that “cults don’t have rights?”  I don’t think you can call the second-largest and fasted-growing mainstream religion in the world a cult.  Well, you can if you’re a bigoted yahoo, but no one should take you seriously.


2 thoughts on “Bigoted Yahoos in GA vs. Freedom of Religion

  1. In a summer program at U.C. Berkeley I attened 20 years ago, a professor lecturing on Hinduism was asked what the difference was between a religion and a cult.

    He replied, “I practice a religion; you practice a cult.”

    I always thought that cut right to the heart of the matter.

    Isn’t Cobb county where Newt Gingrich is from?

  2. I don’t doubt that’s where Gingrich is from. He cam into a bookstore I was working in once and started to introduce himself. I just said, “I know who you are” and checked him out. Dickweed.

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