Trash Run

It’s a quiet day in the Media Center and the custodial staff is suffering. One of their number was in a car accident so they’ve been trying to get through these last couple of weeks short-handed.  Today is Holiday Party day so there is a TON of trash. Since I have a Friday helper I put her in charge and went on a trash run with the custodians for about an hour.  There were four of us, three big rolling trash cans and a huge rolling cart that holds a lot of trash, especially when you stack it way to high. We still had to take that out like four times to the ginormous dumpster.  It was nuts.  And quite a workout!

And they have to do it again this afternoon!  I may help then too.  Depends.

The weird thing was how people reacted.  I expected some raised eyebrows but people were acting like I was doing something so amazing.  The head custodian even emailed everyone in the school to toot my horn.  I didn’t mean for any of that to happen!  I was just trying to help out for crying out loud.  I rarely get a chance to lend a hand on anything outside of the Media Center.  It felt good to do something else for the school for once.  No biggie.