Join me in my Ready Room

downloadSo in the little office/den room I’ve staked out in the new house, I got an added enhancement. In the old house we put a TV in the guest room but it was a small room so a 32″ was fine.  But in our new basement that was too small.  We upgraded recently and I was looking with where to put the 32″ until I could sell it or something.  So I set it up in what we’ll call my Ready Room because I am a dork.

Ooh, it’s nice there.  Think I’ll keep it.  Now we don’t have cable and our wifi is spotty up here but I got a cord that hooks it to my laptop and I can stream whatever.  And I figured out the monitor settings so I can have something like this open on my laptop and something else like Netflix or Pandora open on the TV and man oh man is it pretty sweet.  32″ is a smallish TV but it’s a great size in this little room with just me and my headphones.

And yes, I realize it’s Xmas eve.  I’m not going to be hanging out up here all day.  I have a family to play with! My daughter and I tried the game Small World for the first time yesterday as a two player game and she CREAMED me.  I need to step up my game today.

Hope you’re enjoying whatever break you get this season as well.


3 thoughts on “Join me in my Ready Room

  1. An office alone is great: with a few comforts, even better! We’ve been debating getting a Smart TV because the girls and I have trouble operating the 1994 dumb one, but just haven’t gotten that far! Hope you have a great Christmas, and that YOUR cute poodle gets a Nice treat (doppelgänger Sylvie says hello!)

  2. Is “smart tv” not an oxymoron? 🙂 We watch T.V. on the computer in the “library” more than we do on the actual T.V. in the basement “studio”.

    I like calling it the “ready room” though. While I like not having a T.V. in the living room I have to admit the result of not having a T.V. in the living room is that we don’t use the living room all that much.

  3. Ms Yingling,

    Yes, the newer TVs are fun. And yes, Willow is enjoying all her stocking treats. Thanks.


    Yeah, we have a big TV in the living room and one in the basement (mostly because I like to watch movies on them) but none in the kitchen or our bedrooms. That’s going a bit too far I think. The good thing about our TVs though, is we only turn them on when we have something in mind to watch. No cable = no channel surfing. You have to actually pick something. Or we turn it off and read.

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