Testing the Testing

So the Media Center is closed for a few hours so some of our fourth graders can take a practice test on the computers.  It’s not a test for the fourth graders, it’s actually testing the equipment and the networks.  Apparently this is happening in schools at the same time all over the state to see if it would be possible to do more standardized testing on the computers.

I was actually kind of hoping it would fail and boy did it.  Big time.

test-less-teach-more-bubbleThe only folks who make money from all the absurd amount of over testing we do is the test publishing companies.  Why should the school systems need to spend tons of money to make sure we can give their tests?  So yeah, not sad it was an abysmal failure.

It was actually kind of funny how long they kept trying and hoping they would actually get it working.  Someone dashed in to announce that in one of the computer labs a group had actually made it to test item one!  Not in here. In here there was a spinning wheel of death.  But somehow they are able to get to the little survey about the test.  That should be interesting.

I’ve been saying all along that the amount of standardized testing we do is absurd and not actually that helpful.  Yet we keep adding more and more.  The Testing Calendar in our Testing room staffed by our Testing Coordinator (and our Testing Clerk, and remember, I don’t have a Media Clerk. Just saying.) shows all the days we are giving a test to some grade level or another.  November was the ONLY month without a test and it was only three weeks long.

It really sucks.  Master teacher and blogger, Jen Orr says she’s not only done with standardized testing, but testing in general.  I’m starting to lean her way.  Not that I’ll have any influence, but it’ll give me something else to grumble about.