Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man – Book Club Edition

be6c4237a4cd95b605f3886102d5042463e89151f76734fb69dfee5888f3f4fa_largeSo we had our Guys Read meeting last night (rather than the usual Thursday because someone said there would be an Irish band in the Irish pub.  There was, but the started playing right as we were calling it a night.  Ah, well, It’s all good since we actually had one of the better book discussions we’ve had in a while.

It’s funny because no one actually loved the book.  We all appreciated it the artistry but I don’t think anyone was emotionally hooked by this one. How could you be?  But that’s the funny thing about book clubs.  I’ve been in many of them over the years and I’ve noticed it’s not always the best or the favorite books that make for the best discussions.  It’s usually a mixture of the group and the subjects raised.

This one has a lot going for it in that department.  It’s nearly 100 years old but still feels modern.  It’s got the Irish history thing, the narrator/author comparisons to make, and the religion thing (which seems to always make for interesting discussions), and of course the Thug Notes thing.  I had forwarded the Thug Notes video for the book to everyone in the group last week and it became part of the discussion as well. Go ahead and watch it if you’ve got time.  Watch one for this book or for some other book you’ve read.

It’s not half bad is it?  It’s funny but it’s actually a serious summary and succinct analysis of the work discussed.  I looked up who writes them and it turns out it was created by an actual literature professor wanting to connect with more than just college lit. majors.  I say job well done.

At the end we often jokingly do a thumbs up/down vote for the book.  This time it was an average of about 3/4 of a thumb up for the book but a solid thumbs up for the discussion and for the Thug Notes video.  Heh heh.

One funny thing: one of the Guys said to me as we were walking out that I should blog more.  Really?  I didn’t know he read this stuff.  I have way more followers on Twitter and was starting to see this as more of a place to write more than the 140 character Tweet.  There’s on;y a handful of you that make comments and I’m bad about checking stats but hey, if my favorite Guy in the Guys Read group want me to blog more, I will do so!  The only thing holding me back from being more of a book blogger is the slug like pace at which I read.  But I’ll try to post more about book stuff in general along with my school library stuff.


3 thoughts on “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man – Book Club Edition

  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only who loves to read but isn’t a quick reader! I feel like I was when I was younger but don’t feel that way now. It frustrates me at times, but…

    I’ll be glad if you blog more! About book stuff and school library stuff. I’m pretty sure you’re the one who recommended Lies of Locke Lamorra which my husband and I both greatly enjoyed. We’ve read the next ones in the series as well. It’s unusual to find books that work for both of us that well.

  2. Good to know and thanks for the comment. If you liked Lock Lamora then you guys will probably like Bridge of birds as well. You have to get past the first chapter or so before it makes sense but then it is a hilarious and amazing romp. And There are sequels to Lock Lamora. I read the second one recently and it was fun. Need to get around to the third one soon.

    1. Just put Bridge of Birds on hold – thanks for the recommendation! Didn’t the second Locke Lamora end with a bit of a cliffhanger? (It might have been the third, but I think it was the second so I don’t want to say anything I shouldn’t.) Read the third! Once I got past my shock and accepted that this author was willing to kill off just about anyone, I really did enjoy the books. It appears there will be at least seven books in the series so you’ve given me a gift that will last a while!

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