A re-read of Scalzi’s Redshirts

So I don’t know what this means for the TBR Double Dog Dare. I guess I’m okay because of the Book Club Exception.  I was planning on only reading book club and TBR books for the first few months of the year because of said Dare.  I read the James Joyce for the January pick and since I’d already read Redshirts, the Feb. pick, I read Scalzi’s new one, Lock In, instead. Then I went on with the March pick.  But at some point I recently re-downloaded Redshirts to check something…and got sucked right back in.

I won’t review it here.  If you want to know my thoughts, I wrote them up on my old blog back in June of 2012.  Looks like that was my first Scalzi novel.  It’s not everyone’s favorite.  I guess you either buy in to the whole coda idea or you don’t. Those were some of my favorite parts.  I read recently where the film Pleasantville had an influence here. We’ll see what my book club thinks of it.

So yeah, it’s not something I was planning on reading for The Dare.  But hey, I own it, and I always use the Book Club Exception rule so I suppose it’s okay.  There’s one more way I’m halfway cheating this time as well.  I found out young adult novelist Clare Vanderpool is going to be at the Georgia Children’s Lit. Conference in March so I really want to read one of her books before I meet her.  My daughter has a list of certain types of books she has to read each nine weeks for her English class.  One of the categories is an “adventure” book.  Luckily for me, Vanderpool’s newest well-reviewed novel is, among other things, considered quite an adventure.  Since we read aloud every night and are almost finished with our current book, I’ve asked her to consider the Vanderpool for our next read aloud.  That way I can read it before March without technically straying from my TBR list.

Book lovers can justify anything, huh?

In a sad coincidence Mr. Scalzi, author of Lock In and Redshirts and James Chester, book blogger and host of the TBR Double Dog Dare both had a beloved pet die this week. Mr. Scalzi writes about his loss movingly here.  Mr. Chester does the same here.

So I cried a little at the end of Redshirts, then when I read Scalzi’s post AND again when I read James’ post.  I’m just a big balling baby this week.