Instagram in the school library?

unnamedSomewhere in my various feeds I came across a public library using Instagram to promote their program.  I thought, hey, that sounds fun!  But I wanted to make sure someone else was doing it on an elementary level and sure enough, I found a few.

I was thinking I’d use it to promote new books, the upcoming Book Fair and anything else fun like that.  I figured I probably shouldn’t show students too much but many of the ones I found did in fact have full shots of their students. They didn’t name them or have their location so I guess that’s okay.  I’ll probably focus more on the books and such but I’ll try different things and see how it goes.

It was actually more of a pain to set up than I imagined.  Instagram doesn’t make it easy to switch accounts like Twitter does. I tried loading it on the iPad mini I use for school, but there’s not a native iPad version.  You have to download the iPhone version and just deal.  Then the network didn’t seem to be working with it.  Twitter and Google and Youtube were working, so it wasn’t the network, just Instagram.  So I went back to the one on my phone and it looks like I’ll have to do the whole log out, log into the other account thing and walk out of the media center to get a signal and do it that way.  Pain in the butt but it’s not like I’ll be posting like crazy.  Just the weekly or so interesting book connection or things that happen in here I want to share.  Maybe the occasional trivia question.

Now to advertise we’re using it. I tried Twitter for a while but didn’t get many bites.  The folks around here seem to be more into Facebook.  Blah.  But I know a few that use Instagram and I know at least the 4th/5th graders will bug their parents to follow if they think there will be anything worth checking out.

I’ll let you know how it goes after a few weeks.

Oh, and the account is called “StarlingLibrary” of you’re on there.