Nurse, Soldier, Spy

61IWeMaHF6L._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_All you can say about this book after reading it is HOLY CRAP.  I mean I’d vaguely heard of Sarah Edmonds and that she was a hero of the Civil War but I guess I’d never read about her at any length.  She was Freaking Amazing.  She dressed as a man to get into the Civil War.  Actually many did that but she seemed to be better at it because she was a great soldier, became a nurse, was recruited to become a spy where she dressed as escaped slaves, women, farmers, all kinds of things.  She eventually got sick but couldn’t let a doctor see her so went off, changed as a woman and finally got medical treatment.  When she was recovered she saw a sign that “Frank Thompson” was wanted as a deserter!  After all she’d done!  She eventually came out as the woman who had been Frank and convinced the Army to give her an honorable discharge and was eventually buried with full military honors at an official site.  The occupation listed on her gravestone is “nurse,” which is apparently what she was proudest of.

That’s not even the whole story!  Check this book out for more.

The illustrations are great.  I love the way Hendrix plays with the historical fonts, making them 3D when people are exclaiming dramatically.

Had to read this as part of our district’s Reader’s Rally, but glad I did.