Another Book Fair Comes to a Close

We’ll finish packing it up and sending it off Monday but it’s essentially over.  This one was crazy because we had a day off right smack dab in the middle of it.  And Wednesday is usually our busiest day!  It’s a half day for students, then conferences.  So there are usually many parents in the building happy to buy books to improve their children’s reading.  Not this time.  This time we closed school even though the dreaded storm never really materialised.

I doubled up the classes scheduled for Weds and Thursday on Thursday and stayed open that evening and Friday afternoon to make up sales.  It seemed busy but I won’t know how we did until I run the final numbers.

I tried an experiment this time.  I heard of a school in my district that doesn’t take cash.  Credit cards and checks only. It would make it much easier for everyone.  But my media committee didn’t go for it.  But they never said I couldn’t push the idea without actually banning cash.  So I ran ads promoting the ease and safety of checks for a week or so before the fair.  I still got way more cash than checks but there was a definite uptick in the number of checks and cashing out at the end of the day was that much easier.  I’ll keep promoting that idea every time and who knows?  Maybe in a year or two I’ll be getting more checks than cash.  A librarian can dream.

As I always say, my two favorite days of the book fair are the day we set it up and the day we send it back, so Monday it will be nice to reclaim my space.  Oh, and mentioning space.  I have some big changes coming to the library next week.  I’ll try to get photos and write up a detailed post when it all goes down.