Guys Who Read

My face to face Guys Who Read book club is one of my favorite things.  Every once in a while a new guy will join and ask what other books we’ve read.  My friend Michael and I have made half-hearted attempts to put one together but this past weekend I went through all my old emails and came up with the final definitive list of all the books we’ve read since 2007.  There’s one weird missing book in June of 2008.  There are conflicting emails, one showing a book listed for that month, but then later being more definitely sent out as the August book.  So what did we read that month?  Well the only book I have memories of us reading and discussing that I can find no email evidence for is the first Harry Potter book. Did we do it in June of 2008? Probably.  Or maybe we didn’t really skip November AND December that year and we discussed Harry Potter then. I just don’t know.

But I do know that I’ll keep this up from now on.  It’ll be easier because now we pick all the books in December for the upcoming year.  I also know that I’m going to set up a tab at the top of this blog so the list can be easily accessed by anyone who cares.