Surplusing Overheads

150figure04Okay, so I’m not being completely fair with this photo.  The overhead projectors I’m collecting are much newer and sleeker but they’re not being used and I’m now everyone’s hero for removing them and giving them back that valuable classroom real estate.

I’m a little more than half way done going through the building and putting these things altogether in an empty classroom. When I have them all there’s some paperwork to fill out and some guys with a truck from somewhere in the district will come pick them up.  I don’t know what happens to them after that and I don’t really care.

As part of our retrofit all the classes will be getting Lumens document cameras so I just don’t think the old transparency type will be used much anymore.  I’m not dissing the old technology! Until we had our ceiling-mounted projectors I used overhead projectors all the time.  I taught ESOL and didn’t have much of a copy allotment so gave the students composition notebooks to keep all of their writing in.  I used transparencies for everything and projected on the white board.  Some of the work was filling in blanks on the whiteboard and some of it was more prompt-style for writing and responding in their notebooks.  I also used it to highlight passages and teach writing.

But once we got the ceiling mounted projectors and I could show them what was on my laptops screen, and then when I bought myself one of these I never went back to making transparencies.

Some still do.  I’ve been emailing each department before going around to collect them and so far I’ve had three keepers. One uses it occasionally to display images on bulletin boards for artistic purposes.  The other two just still like them and don’t have a reason to change yet I suppose.

Whatever. I’m happy to make them happy and it’s always nice to get rid of unneeded stuff.  I did keep the bulbs from many of them so the three folks that still use theirs will never need me to order them a bulb, at least until the next retrofit…


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  1. I sort of miss my platoon of overheads…and tape recorders…and filmstrip projectors. Sigh. I did keep an 8 mm film projector and a record player as “historical artifacts”. Have to leave something for the next librarian to wonder about when I retire in 20 years!

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