Happy Birthday!


This photo has nothing to do with her birthday, it’s just a funny picture that looks like her poodle is turning her into a burrito.


So yeah, her birthday is like a month-long thing.  This photo is from a couple weeks ago when she went out to dinner with some of her closest friends,  When they came back to the house I had set up her “cake.” The reason the dinner was way beforoe her birthday was a scheduling issue.  Everyone is scattering to the winds for Spring Break and we had to co-ordinate when certain people have certain parent visitation times. Of course.


The funny thing about this picture is you’re probably thinking to yourself that it’s so nice we got her a bike for her birthday. Nope! She actually said that she didn’t want a gift but for us all to rent a cabin at a nearby state park for a few days of hiking during Spring Break.  But you know how it is, She got $ from relatives and got herself the new bike! She just didn’t know that it had arrived or that I’d had it professionally assembled so that why there’s a ribbon and a look of delight.


Then of course we had to take her out to dinner on her actual birthday, especially since it was on a school day. I’m actually late posting this. Her OFFICIAL birthday was earlier in the week. And yes, we even gave her some small presents.  A book, natch. And one of these awesome necklaces of awesomeness.


This doesn’t have anything to do with her birthday either, it’s just me observing my now TWELVE year old being amazing as always.  Sometimes I have to just watch her and let it stop my heart for a moment.  What a great kid.